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Entry #1

a note i guess?

2007-11-29 00:28:10 by NedenAnimator

ok, to those people that left reviews etc... or whoever will read this,
jus warnin ya, that most of my animations are probably pointless, random, and do not make sense.
so yeh, you wont need to comment if you do not like it because its pointless or whatever.

and the comments saying that i should make my animations longer;

i have 1 animation thats atleast a minute or somin long, but i didnt upload it as the credit song wasnt made by me but by an artist, and yeh after reading the sign up infomation etc, with newgrounds, i kinda dont want to take any chances. lol

although i did credit the song and write who its by and what album etc and put the copyright symbol there....

im not sure if i shud post it.

anyway... if u like the animations kool, if u dont, then thats kool. people have different likings...


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